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Giving back, a little at a time

MOVED: 28 Portsmouth Avenue, Stratham, NH 03885 (603) 686 5313

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Giving back a little at a time, each and every day!


Our one of a kind, innovative free clothing program ensures no-one in our community is without basic clothing. Our clothing voucher program gives those in need the chance to have a wonderful shopping experience with us. So far this year, we have paid gas for families, utility bills, assistance, groceries, rent, back to work assistance, purchased beds/mattresses, and very often just simple daily needs such as soap!

Wonderland really keeps it local. Local non profits are invited to apply to become one of our beneficiaries. You can help by keeping it local, check that your donations are going to a genuine non-profit. Always ask for a donation receipt for tax purposes.

You can help any time by donating items, money, gifts, gas cards, vouchers or time.

2017 list in process